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Hand Made in the USA!

Below, are some of the beauties you will discover, while navigating this site.

Beaded Creations & Beautiful Things

To the best of my ability, all of my jewelry is Nickel Free.

I believe in quality & satisfaction. My Creations come with a guarantee.

In the event that you may have a problem, or concern, about my creations;

Do not hesitate to contact me.

I can not give the same guaranty for an item I did not create. 

I make repairs & do them to the best of my ability.

 I do not know the failure rate of the pieces I make repairs on.

Acidic substances may damage the product. 

A soft cloth can be used to polish the metal.

A Complimentary, micro fiber, polishing cloth will be included with every order.

Thank you for your time and patronage!

I do limited repair work. Nothing requiring Solder.

All repairs start at $ 5 and are assessed on a case by case basis.

I must be able to see the item, in person, before I know whether, or not, I can repair it.

Please do not take damaged items apart.

That action makes it very difficult to perform proper repairs, & may cause further damage.

Especially on older metals.

Creations Locations

Phone: 319 - 855 - 9224 You may call or Text.

Please do not call or text after 8PM CST

Our Retail Location is open 7 days a week

10 AM to 5PM!

Retail Location:

225 Artisan's Gallery

2207B U Ave. Williamsburg, Iowa, 52361

The Majority of my inventory is not kept at the retail location.

All outgoing packages will have a Tracking Number.

In the event that my product fails. I ask you to return it to me, That would include you paying shipping. Shipping through USPS is approximately 99 cents an ounce.

I will repair the product & ship it back to you, for free.

There are limited cases where the beads, or metal components are no longer available.

In this instance, we will need to discuss how you would wish to proceed.

Thank you for your time!