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What my customers are saying

I absolutely love these pieces.

When they arrive, by mail, and you see them, for the first time, in real life, you are hooked.

Wonderful craftsmanship, reasonable prices, excellent customer service.

My daughter broke one once and was devastated.

Mandie had me ship it back to her, and she repaired it, no charge.

One of a kind, quality, custom order; or right off her inventory.

I can't order enough; I must own 40 pieces so far.

Great stuff from a truly wonderful person. I cannot say enough good things.

And it feels good to support someone doing something like this on their own!

A purchase you can feel good about and a product worth buying.


I have several of her pieces. They are high quality, well made. I love the magnetic clasps!

At first I was nervous about the magnetic clasps because I have a small child.

But they are strong & hold well. It makes the necklaces easy to put on & take off.

I am allergic to Nickel, but have had zero reaction to the earrings.

I can wear them comfortably all day long.

I get compliments every time I wear her pieces.

I also bought a necklace for my grandmother & she Loves it.

It's so easy for her to put on & take off.


Fantastic artisan! Custom Jewelry made with a lot of heart.

I have 4 sets of necklaces with matching ear rings. & one with a matching bracelet as well.


I LOVE her jewelry!!!

I have several necklaces and a pair of earrings that Mandie has made.

The colors and patterns and fun stones are what I like best.

I definitely plan on buying more :)


The quality and the craftsmanship of the jewelry are excellent.

I purchased a couple of necklaces, for gifts, to family members.

We were so impressed by the designs & quality that we will continue to be customers.

It is a good product, at a reasonable price & it comes with a guaranty.

Not many jewelers offer that service.

We bought Mandie's pieces from just the on-line photo.

They were so very much more when they arrived. We were happily impressed.


Mandie it will take me a notebook of all the great things I want to say.

To start, you have the perfect personality for the business along with the beautiful smile.

It is very obvious your clients are very special to you; in keeping them happy with design, color and time of delivery! The jewelry is of great quality; along with how you stand behind the satisfaction of each item.

I was very happy with the two different necklaces you made my great granddaughter and how excited and tickled she was, to receive them, along with her Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt's.


Nearly 3 years ago, I purchased 2 custom order pieces from Mandie.

She made them to my specification. I was very pleased.

Recently, the line, on the necklace I wear constantly, failed.

I returned the product to Mandie & she repaired it right away.

She explained why, she believed, the product failed.

She added upgrades. We are now both confident that the product should not fail again.

But, if it does, I am confident that Mandie will repair it straight away.

She stands behind her product & customer satisfaction.

The only thing she charged me, for the repair, is a customer review.


November 7th, 2019

After receiving the Jewelry order by mail.

Customer: OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!! Wish you could see me open them, I'm like an excited young girl. TY!!!

Me: I love giving people that feeling. That, right there, is why I create.

I had an old, black, magnetic, necklace. It was strung so tight that it was nearly completely straight.

There was no real way to wear it & have it look nice, or be comfortable.

I sent it to Mandie, to see if she could repair it.
She asked me if she was allowed to use her artistic talent on it. I agreed.

She fixed it, and applied her talents. 

Now it is very pretty,  it hangs well and I could not be more pleased.


I have a piece of jewelry from her and it is perfect! It was everything i needed it to be and I love it!! 

She makes wonderful jewelry!! 

I love my necklace; and moms jewelry, from you, is gorgeous!


THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!!!!!! Another big order, from Mandie, and we are in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys you can order these, and they're amazing! I'm not just plugging a friends stuff. They rock!

You wouldn't believe what they are like in person. The pics are ok, or pretty good, but the reality is stellar!

These are the necklaces I am always wearing!!!