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3 Piece Sets are $25.

This includes: 1 Necklace, 1 Bracelet & 1 pair of Ear Rings.

2 Piece Sets are $ 20 

This includes: 1 Necklace, along with, 1 Bracelet, OR, 1 Pair of Ear Rings.

My metal color tones are:

 Silver, Gold, Antique Bronze, & Gun Metal Black.

Bracelets are strung on stretch cord & are approximately 17 cm in diameter.

All Clasps are easy to use & Arthritis Friendly

Lightest Magnet,

for light necklaces

Heavier Magnets for heavier necklaces

Heaviest Magnets for Heaviest necklaces



 "Toggle" bar clasp

All necklaces are strung on a 25 pound test line. It is not as prone to decay or rot.

Acidic Substances may damage the line & the beads.

A Complimentary, micro fiber, polishing cloth will be included with every order.

Please Note; The colors of the images may slightly differ from the actual product. It, largely, depends on Monitor settings, and the fact that the camera can not truly capture the beauty of these pieces.

All Sets: $20 - $25 

Necklace Weight: 1.6 oz,20 Inches Long

Stretch Bracelet: .5 oz 16 cm

Earring Weight .1 oz

Frosted Yellow & Black Angel Pendant

Rondelle Faceted AB Coated Black Glass

Yellow Agate

Frosted Black Glass

Yellow Cat's Eye

Silver Tone


 Necklace: 21 Inches Long, 1.8 oz

 Stretch Bracelet: 16 cm, .3 oz

Ear Rings: .1 oz

Gold Dream Catcher Pendant with White Howlite & Turquoise


Rondelle Faceted Clear Glass

White Howlite

Rondelle Faceted Light Gold Glass

Light Blue Frosted Glass

Gold Tone


Necklace: 21 Inches Long 1.2 oz

Stretch Bracelet: 16 cm .4 oz

Ear Rings: 2.8 Grams

Cross Pendant

Rondelle Faceted AB Coated Red Glass

Rondelle Faceted, Patterned, Dark Red Marble Glass

Rondelle Faceted Red Glass

Porcelain Chalcedony

Stretch Bracelet

Silver Tone


Necklace: 19 Inches Long, .8 oz

Stretch Bracelet: .3 oz 17 cm

Ear Rings: 2.8 Grams

Cross Pendant

White Frosted Agate

Blue Cat's Eye

Bi-Cone Faceted Fire Polished AB Coated Czech Glass

Bi -Cone Faceted Clear Glass

Blue - Green Cat's Eye

Light Blue Frosted Glass

Clear Crackle Glass

Silver Tone

Necklace: 21 Inches Long, Weight 1.5 oz

Stretch Bracelet: 15 cm Weight, .4 oz

Ear Rings: Weight .1 oz

Dream Catcher Pendant

Orange,Blue,White, & Brown Marble Glass

Faceted AB Coated Clear Glass Teardrop

Free Form Blue Apatite

Rondelle Faceted AB Coated Clear Glass

Free Form Orange Agate

Silver Tone